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Our NAHA approved aromatherapy education courses are perfect for nurses and healthcare professionals. Courses are designed to support and educate individuals looking to learn safe and correct applications of aromatherapy and essential oils while promoting the health and wellness of others. We offer Aromatherapy education and training for those seeking a career as a certified aromatherapist, homemakers, and anyone concerned about providing state of the art wellness for others.

Aromatherapy Courses Available:

  • Introduction to Aromatherapy in Health
  • Certification 50 hours (level 1) and 200 hours (level 2)
  • Natural Options Graduates of Level 1 can attend Level 1-2 Bridge class to complete level 2
  • Clinical Aromatherapist Continuing Education Courses

What Makes Natural Option’s 200 Hour Certification Courses Special and Unique?

We do several different things with our certification seminar that others do not.

This Aromatherapy Education & Certification course covers 57 essential oils in depth. What they do and how to use them to achieve the desired outcome. We also cover the required (by NAHA) chemistry and history of aromatherapy. But this is where the similarities end. We also discuss and breakdown several diseases and conditions such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Dysmenorrheal, Depression, etc. We look at the different facets of the disease, what traditional medicine does to treat it, the advantages, and disadvantages of that, then look at what aromatherapy can do. We also break into seven different lab sessions. In each lab, you are required to formulate two specific blends for two specific issues. This gets the attendee into hands-on formulating and blending. The individual gets into the mindset of using essential oils for their physiochemical properties instead of whether they like the scent or not. Each student participates in laboratory sessions to make creams (with 2 different base creams), body oils (with 2 different carrier oils), inhalers, roll-ons, diffusing blends, misting blends, bath salt, natural rug deodorizer, and more.

Aromatherapy Courses
Class attendees are also required to do ten case studies on their own at the end of the course. We have a specific format that we suggest you follow. The purpose is to collect these, make them available to everyone who has taken our certification program. This serves several needs. First, everyone will have a large collection of studies with specifics on the blend used, how it was used, how often it was used, and the results. This will give you many proven blends and applications for you to use with your clients. Then if you use the same blend, the same way we can keep that on file. When we get enough case studies on the same issue with similar results, that then becomes the basis for a case trial. Our instructor strives to meet each student’s goals in class and prepares them for their independent work for certification completion.

Attendees need to take a 105-hour online course in Anatomy and Physiology. The course is taught by a licensed massage therapist who has taught the course at a massage school. NAHA is now requiring a minimal amount of A&P. Our feeling is that if you are going to learn about how the body works, learn it well. Of course, doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. can waive out of this requirement although it is also a great refresher course. And since it is included in the cost of the course you are welcome to the information.

We also provide you with business support. What do you want to do with the knowledge you acquire from the seminar? Do you want to teach the general public? Do you want to teach massage therapists or reflexologists, etc.? Do you want to work with hospice or skilled nursing facilities? We will help you to get to where you want to go. Because of this, we keep our class sizes small, usually 3-10 people. This way we can give you the individual attention you need and deserve.

Aromatherapy Courses
We provide all of your essential oils and all of the carriers and containers you will need to complete your lab sessions (Value from $900-$1100). Once you’ve paid your deposit you have the ability to purchase at 50% off of retail on all of our regular products ongoing. This does not include items we do not make such as Detox Machines, Diffusers, etc. although we do offer some discounts on these items as well.

It is for these reasons and more that we feel our Aromatherapy Certification Seminars stand out in helping you to help others.

The Natural Options Aromatherapy 200 Hour aromatherapy education & certification seminar is accredited through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (N.A.H.A) and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (N.C.B.T.M.B.) Our Aromatherapy Accredited Certification courses provide Continuing Education hours for RN, APN, and LMTs.

June 15-16 Level 1 Online, Live
24-26 Level 2 Online, Live
July 9-10 Level 1 London, KY
20 Aromatherapist Refresher Online, Live
23-24 Level 1 Online, Live
26 Aromatherapy Certification Bridge Level 1-Level 2 Online, Live
August 17 (8a-2p) Aromatherapist Refresher Online, Live
21  (8a-6p) Aromatherapy Certification Bridge Level 1-Level 2 Online, Live
23-25 TLC Jacksonville, FL
27-28 Level 1 Jacksonville, FL
September 28 (8a-2p) Aromatherapist Refresher Online, Live
30-Oct 2 TLC Jacksonville, FL
October 1-2 TLC Jacksonville, FL
8-9 Level 1 Jacksonville, FL
10 Aromatherapist Refresher Online, Live
21-23 Level 2 Jacksonville, FL
29-30 Level 1 Mayfield Hts., OH CC
November 3-5 Level 2 Bryson, NC
10 Aromatherapist Refresher Online, Live
12-13 TLC Online, Live
16 (8a-6p) Aromatherapy Certification Bridge Level 1-Level 2 Online, Live
December 3-4 TLC Jacksonville, FL
9-11 Level 2 Jacksonville, FL
17-18 Level 1 Jacksonville, FL

**** Please contact us for information on customized courses at your location or online for your group.

We focus on making our classes “How To” which includes theory and chemistry but has a strong focus on current uses and regulations as well as practical skills.

We want our graduates to know:

• How to help people using aromatherapy
• How to create blends that work
• How to avoid using contraindicated oils
• How to use essential oils safely, effectively, and confidently

If you have thought about becoming a Certified Aromatherapist, these really are great classes. You learn a ton, we help you develop and grow your aromatherapy business (there are a lot of different directions you can take it based on your interest), the certification gives you credibility that you never had before and you can purchase a product at 50% off retail after the course.

Aromatherapy Certification Courses starting at $1100.00 with payment plans available. (Price includes shipping and handling for your entire class kit, manual and supports through the entire certification process)

For More information or to REGISTER NOW:
Call 440-409-4153, email [email protected] or set up an appointment with our director of education at

All destination courses are on hold during the Pandemic

Certification courses are held in various areas, so you may schedule one found closest to you, or venture out and “vacation” at a new location. At the moment our classes are being held at our home in Bellville, Ohio, (a touch of a wooded, Amish atmosphere), Whistle Stop Lodge, Bryson City, NC (in the Great Smokey Mountains!), and at various hotel settings in such cities as Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Ft. Wayne, IN, Coralville, IA, Harrisburg, PA, and in Atlanta, GA! If you are interested in having a class in your area, please call to discuss how we can make that happen!

Aromatherapy Certification Courses generally begin on Thursday evening around 5:00 with a “Meet and Greet” and dinner. The actual class begins at 7 and goes until 9. Friday and Saturday the day will begin with breakfast at 7 and the class starts at 8 a.m. going until 9 p.m. Don’t faint, there are breaks in between to give you time to “absorb” what you are learning. On the breaks, you will be treated to the wonders of downtown Bellville and Amish shopping or enjoying the peaceful atmosphere on one of the swings on the porch. There is also a pool and hot tub available if weather permits. At Bryson City, you have your choice of going gem mining, casino gambling, or visiting the area’s awesome dam……or just taking up a rocker on the porch to enjoy the scenery.

At each of these settings, you will get to experience the different values of over 40 essential oils, formulate 13 blends for 13 different specific conditions. The hands-on approach is the best way to learn. You will also learn of different business opportunities and have time to share your own experiences with your fellow classmates.

So, plan a mini staycation, meet new friends and colleagues online, and gain knowledge about what nature has given us to help others.

Relax and enjoy the ride!