~ Seminars ~

Teach the Teacher

This three-hour seminar is an excellent class for anyone who has a desire to learn therapeutic Aromatherapy. It also provides the attendee with the knowledge to teach introductory classes on Aromatherapy. It covers 39 Essential Oils with information regarding what conditions the oil can help with, how to use it to achieve those outcomes, and precautions and contraindications. The seminar carries 3 CE (Continuing Education Hours) from NCBTMB. This seminar is a must for all practitioners.


*Attendees Receive $225.00 in Materials (Includes 17 Essential Oils, ABC Massage Cream, Feather Light Massage Oil, 4 Roll-ons of choice, 1 lb. Sea Salt, & Light Ring), Natural Options Guide Book (contains all material from class, an additional 4 hours of material, 107 formulas), access to our newsletters which include new clinical trials, new case studies, new formulas, and usages, etc., and the ongoing ability to purchase at 40% off of retail.

~ Upcoming Certification Seminars ~

September 18-20 Cleveland, OH
Level 2 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

October 3-4 Cleveland
*Address will be confirmed soon.
Level 1 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

October 22-24 Philadelphia, PA
Level 2 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

November 4-7 Bryson City, NC
Level 2 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

November 12-15 Ormond Beach, FL
Level 2 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

If you are interested in attending or hosting a class at your location, please call our office at 419-886-3736 for more information.

Aromassage Techniques

This four hour seminar is directed towards Massage Therapists and Massage Students, although, it also an excellent class for Reflexologists as well. It carries 4 CE (Continuing Education Hours) from NCBTMB.  The focus is to combine the benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage. The class covers blending techniques for individual clients by utilizing 17 Essential Oils for conditions such as fibromyalgia, poor circulation, arthritis, and stress. Discussion also includes precautions and contraindications, effective ways to introduce the many benefits of Aromatherapy to current and new clients and how this combination can make your practice unique and increase your bottom line.

Additionally, we cover how Essential Oils and Pre-blends will enhance techniques for:

  • Calming the central nervous system.
  • Helping to relieve neck and shoulder problems, headache discomfort, lower back pain, sinusitis, muscle aches and stiffness.
*Attendees Receive $60.00 in Materials

(Scheduled at massage conferences, massage schools or may be scheduled by a group of massage therapists.)

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